Brad & Dede Smith of May, Idaho were married in 2014.  We're lucky enough to share the love of raising cattle, ranching, good horses, dogs and great kids.  We both love being outdoors as much as possible, whether it be working, fly fishing, camping, riding snowmobiles (Brad) and team roping (Dede).  We are each others biggest supporters no matter what we do.  In 2018, we were challenged with the biggest challenge since we were married when our daughter was diagnosed with E coli 0157.  We lived in three different hospitals with the longest stay being a month in Salt Lake City, Utah at Primary Children's Hospital.  Thanks to amazing doctors and staff at Primary Children's and the blessing from above we were able to bring our daughter home just in time for Halloween.  It was while we were in Salt Lake City that we decided to share our love of Young Living Essential Oils with others to help promote a safer, healthier lifestyle.  We eliminated so many chemicals from our day to day lives and improved our lives naturally.  Together we share this journey with so many others through trade shows, vendor events, social media and private classes.  

         In May of 2019, we were sent another very trying time for our lives.  I was having some low back problems that weren't being resolved with our natural ways, chiropractic treatments or the medical field.  Chiropractic and the natural health care both always seamed to work very well for me in the passed.  This time it was something different.  After teaching multiple private roping lessons and a couple roping schools that spring (which is something I really love) I was really struggling due to the intense pain in my legs and low back.  I wasn't able to ride a horse or even hardly swing a rope.  On the night of May 23rd, I felt a pop in my low back.  Knowing it wasn't good, I decided to lay down and wait until the next morning to go into the chiropractor and medical doctor.  Little did we know the next morning when we awoke that our lives would once be set for a huge mountain to climb.  Upon awaking that morning from a basically sleepless night I had no feeling from my waist down.  We were left with no other options but to call the ambulance to transport me to help.  They transported me to the local hospital in Salmon, Idaho which is were she had been seen twice previously that week for the severe pain and muscle cramps where I was given narcotics and muscle relaxants and sent home.  I knew it was something more.  Finally ended up getting a MRI the next afternoon.  After the MRI, I noticed I was unable to go to bathroom.  The results came from the MRI later that afternoon reviling the L5 S1 Disc had herniated & ruptured.  A major herniation that ruptured into the spinal cord and had caused Cauda Equina Syndrome.   I was air lifted by Life Flight to St Patrick's Hospital in Missoula, MT for emergency surgery by Dr Chriss Mack who is a leading Neurosurgeon.  Dr Mack was able to remove the portion of the disc and bone that was crushing the spinal cord.  Surgery was longer than expected but he came out and let Brad know it went very well.  

        The next few days were very rough with an infection setting in and still having no feeling from the waist down.  Dr Mack visited us every morning in hopes I would have been able to urinate on my own which I never did.  At day four is was for real that it wasn't going to happen any day soon.  He explained to us this is how life is going to be for a while, a year or years perhaps.  No real way of knowing.  Just relying on time for the nerves to heal that were squished by the severe spinal cord injury.  Just a month before the accident my good  friend and past professional rodeo saddle bronc rider Jess Martin had worked on some horse for us with his MagnaWave PEMF Machine.  The horses were sore, one older has pretty bad arthritis.  They both were remarkably better with just one treatment from Jess.  Both of us just trying to take all this in that I may never be able to do many things again due to the severity of the injury to the spinal cord.  The phone rang and it was Jess offering to bring his machine and do a treatment.  We respectfully declined at the time as we just didn't know what to do next and I wasn't feeling very well from the infection.  We spent a few very hard days learning to self catheter and how I needed to be cared for at home.   There were a lot of tears and hard times but Brad was my biggest supporter and encouragement through it all.  I finally was able to master the self cath and we got released to go home.  Going home in a wheel chair and unable to do pretty much anything for myself was scary.  I had to rely on my husband, daughter and parents to do everything for me.  Brad quit his job to be my caregiver 24/7.  My parents took care of our kids and helped Brad with me as much as they could.  With so much down time I researched everything on Cauda Equina Syndrome, Spinal Cord Injuries and Neurogenic bladder.  Jess called to check on me and offer the treatment once again this time offering to come to home a state away.  It was late July after what seamed like not much improvement to me .  I really went to researching this MagnaWave PEMF Machine that help our horses so much.   It was for just about every condition possible that humans could have including the spinal cord injuries like mine.  I called Jess and said lets do it.  He came the next week. He did the simple, painless, MagnaWave Treatment right in my wheel chair.  I didn't notice anything different but he warned me I may not right away and suggested another treatment the next day.  I gladly accepted.  The following morning I sat up and got up out of bed mostly on my own other than help with balancing.  I knew it was the treatment that did it.  I had  been in what seamed like a slump and it got me out of it.  Just six treatments later here I am to promote MagnaWave PEMF Therapy and Young Living Essential Oils!  Two things I truly believe made me walk again.  I'm excited to say I'm not in a wheel chair anymore, graduated from the walkers, crutches and can actually walk on my own. Some days still with a crutch as I have no feeling in my right foot.  Some of the numbness is improving but very slowly like expected from Dr Mack.  I truly believe the treatments are speeding up the healing because of the MagnaWave.  The results are almost unbelievable! We decided we were ready to get our own machine after learning how much more it can help me even with the bladder and bowel issues.  The drop foot doesn't seam as severe now and my balance is improving.  Brad and I are proud to be certified practitioners of MagnaWave PEMF and own our very own MagnaWave Sol Machine.  We plan to help as many animals and humans as possible and share our love of holistic health with you all and educate people that there are different options besides pills, that shorten our lives or create health problems we surely don't want later in life.   We are here to help and love to visit about the success stories we have witnessed first hand.  Take and minute to view the "testimonies" page here on the website and feel free to email, text or call us at anytime. 


       Dede & Brad Smith